Karabar Distance Education Unit

Topics: 19th century, Russian Empire, 2006 albums Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: January 9, 2014
Year 11 2013 – Mark- 19.5/20
Karabar Distance Education Unit
Explain why it was so difficult for revolutionary movements in the 19th century to succeed. During the 19th century numerous revolutionary groups attempted to overthrow the tsarist regime. Beginning in 1825 with the Decembrist revolt, revolutionary groups established to make fundamental changes to the political, social and economic structures of Russia. However, with the oppressive autocratic system, rough climate, social development, accessible methods and weaknesses, it was exceedingly difficult for revolutionary movements to succeed.

Walking down the corridors I again ask myself why life is so cruel towards some. A man, no younger nor older than myself trapped, hospitalised for the final months of his life. He had his whole life ahead of him, a budding football star and small-town musician with a loveable personality and smiling eyes. Whilst talking with many of the town’s residents eagerly awaiting updates on his condition, they began with anecdotal experiences they had of Jacob. A member of his football team quoted “You can only fail as many times as you do not attempt.” I stopped dead in my tracks before turning and sprinting back towards the hospital room. Ignoring the incredulous looks from those around me I barge into his room and repeat the inspirational words I had heard not five minutes previously. “What the hell are you on?”

Jacobs P.O.V
I remember those words. I spoke them to Mickey after he handed in his resignation letter. I smile, thinking back on having the paper ripped from my hands and torn to shreds in front of me. Within two months of that day he was offered a football scholarship to Yale, and an opportunity to make it to the big time. Coming back to the present I hear Mark rambling on about helping research and blah blah di blah…. “JUST STOP OK! I AM A CANCER PATIENT WITH FOUR MONTHS TO LIVE. I AM NOTHING MORE, AND NOTHING LESS! THERE IS NO HOPE....
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