Kapp Putsch

Topics: Aftermath of World War I, World War I reparations, Treaty of Versailles Pages: 4 (768 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Stresemann – strengthening or weakening the Weimar Republic? ( = concerning central question)

- Weimar 1923-1929 = “Stresemann Era”
- Germany’s Foreign Minister
- successful foreign policy needed to reduce public hatred (of Versailles Treaty) and help economy grow - “Ludendorff’s young man”: supported unrestriced submarine warfare and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk - he formed the German People’s Party (DVP) ( conservative; wanted constitutional monarchy - Aug. 1923: appointed as Chancellor to deal with economic crisis - 1926: was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his diplomatic work - 1929: death

aims and strategy:
- wanted to restore G.’s power and prosperity
- policy of co-operation with the West and conciliation/pressure on other powers ( hoped revision of treaty - other powers were reliable on G.’s economy (supplier for coal to Fr., market for Br., investment opportunity for USA) ( countries could not afford to let G. economy collapse… ( realistic strategy = Erfüllungspolitik (fulfilment): fulfilling terms of the treaty to improve relations with Br. and Fr. ( encourage them to revise treaty strategy:

- negotiation ( G. lacked military power
- gaining confidence of Western powers ( end diplomatic isolation - using G. economy to revise treaty rather than force
- co-operation with USA ( economic aid
- satisfying French
- links with USSR ( pressure on the West
his hopes:
- less reparation costs
- end of Ruhr occupation
- end of military control over G. fulfilled
- eastern borders revised
reparations issue 1919-1932:
- USA set a high limit for reparations to be paid by G.: 226,000 million marks over 42 yrs. - problems to be solved with Dawes and Young plans because reparations too high Dawes Plan (1924):

- created by financial expert Charles Dawes
- attempt for Allies to collect war reparations debt from G. ( unsuccessful...
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