Kapferer Brand Identity Prism of Grain Waves

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Kapferer Brand Identity Prism of Grain Waves


1. Introduction2
2. Brand Identity Prism of Grain Waves2
2.1 Physique3
2.2 Personality5
2.3 Culture6
2.4 Relationship7
2.5 Reflection8
2.6 Self image8
3. Conclusion and Recommendation9
Reference List10

1. Introduction
Before Grain Waves launched in 2008, there had never been a wholegrain chip in Australia, the market was saturated with more traditional potato or corn based snacks. Market research confirmed there was a clear opportunity to develop a wholegrain snack for the health conscious consumer. ( "The Grain Waves dream comes true on TV", 2010 ) So The Smith's Snackfood Company which was the leading player in Australian sweet and savoury snacks industry , accounting for 38% value share (see appendix 1), seized the moment and developed Grain Waves – a new, wholegrain snack that not only tasted good but was also better for consumers.

Brand Identity Prism of Grain Waves
According to Kapferer (2008), a brand identity prism has six underlying facets, including physique, personality, culture, relationship, reflection, and self-image. These dimensions are classified into externalisation (physique, relationship, reflection) and internalisation (personality, culture, self-image). Figure 1 summarises the analysis of Grain Waves' brand identity.

Figure 1 : brand identity prism for Grain Waves

2.1 Physique
First of all, the Grain Waves defines itself as the irresistible whole grain chips. (Grain Waves, 2008) The definition has avoided the competition of a series of other whole grain snacks to a certain extent and kept the competitive advantage under the catalogue's of chips. Secondly, according to Kapeferer(2008), the brand name is often revealing of the brand's intentions. Grain Waves is obviously the case for brand names which are specifically chosen to convey their characteristics of the brand. With the word 'Grain' refers to that it was made from corn, wheat and oats which 25% less fat than regular potato chips, (Grain Waves, 2008) and 'waves' is the visual description of chips to indicate their product catalogue. Thirdly, visual appeal also play an important role when Grain Waves communicating value and distinguishing their brand from myriad of choices in the snack food market. Figure 2&3 illustrates the colors they used in their packaging, compare with other competitors, they make a more fresh and natural impression for consumers.

|Grain Waves Flavours | Colours used in packaging | |Original | C: 37 M: 1 Y: 3 K: 0 | |Sour cream & chives | C: 26 M:3 Y :52 K: 0 | |Sweet Chilli | C: 15 M: 100 Y: 100 K: 5 | |Cheddar cheese | C: 1 M: 22 Y: 75 K: 0 |

Figure 2: Colours used in Grain Waves different flavours

[pic] [pic]
Figure 3: Grain Waves and Lays

2.2 Personality
As Kapferef (2008) pointed out that, the easiest way of creating instant personality is to give the brand a spokesperson or a figurehead, whether real or symbolic. Grain Waves has created their image representative in their current commercial advertisement. (Figure 4) [pic]

Figure 4: the character in Grain Waves' commercial advertisement

The creative idea was to dramatise the unexpectedness of a grain becoming a snack food, by telling the story of a young grain who dreamed that one day he had grow up to be a grain chip[1]. It's a story about sticking to your dreams, against tradition and the odds, until your dreams come true. ( "The Grain Waves dream comes true on TV", 2010 ) Therefore, the brand...
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