'Kangaroos should not be eaten as a part of our diet'

Topics: Kangaroo, Marsupial, Australia Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: April 26, 2014
‘Kangaroo’s should not be eaten as part of our Australia diet’ I agree with the statement ‘Kangaroo’s should not be eaten as part of our Australian diet’ because they are a symbol of Australia, native animal, can cause hygiene issues and in some cases, being killed inhumanely. Firstly, I believe we shouldn’t eat kangaroos as part of our Australian diet because they are native animals to Australia. They have been in this country for thousands of years and have lived in this country along with the Aboriginals. They are also an important part of the Australian ecosystem and wildlife. They are a part of Australia’s history and if they were to be exist then future generations would not be able to have the experience to see or even knows what Kangaroo’s looked like. Secondly, I think Kangaroos shouldn’t be a part of our Australian diet because they are an Australian icon. As a native animal to Australia they represent our country. They are also a unique marsupial that is not native to any other countries and are perfectly adapted to Australia. Kangaroos, along with the other native animals also attract tourists to visit Australia. Kangaroo’s not only represent Australia by being a part of the Coat Of Arms but they also represent companies such as Qantas. Thirdly, I think we shouldn’t eat Kangaroo meat because if eaten there is a high chance that it could be infected with bacteria and have Salmonella and other diseases by the way it is transported, refrigerated and even killed. Lastly, some kangaroos are being killed inhumanely for their meat. Some hunters instead of killing them humanely by giving them one shot to the brain, they stomp on the pouch joey’s head or bludgeons them with a metal pipe. Also, whenever a female kangaroo is shot, their joey is either shot along with it or will die by itself by starvation, dehydration or being consumed by other animals.

In conclusion, I believe Kangaroos should not be eaten as a part of our Australian diet because they’re a...
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