Kalabagh Dam

Topics: Sindh, Government, Punjab Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Essay: Kalabagh Dam
Kalabagh Dam is a dilemma in Pakistan. Kalabagh Dam has met with extreme opposition from 3 provinces of Pakistan. Many people comment on this issue without any research, so they are unable to justify their point but before embarking on any conclusion I would like to discuss both point of views and I would like to give a conclusion in the most lucid manner possible. Kalabagh Dam is a dam which will add more than 3,500 megawatts to the national grid and it will be able to solve the problem of load shedding. The project was proposed many years ago, but different governments of the country have had conflicting views regarding the dam. Sindh has advocated terminating the idea of making the dam because it claims that it would harm the land and all the water generated because of the dam would only be beneficial to the lands in Punjab. There have been assurances of apposite distribution of water by certain leaders, but people of Sindh have rejected it because they feel that all these treaties and agreements have been broken in the past and the people of Sindh have explicitly stated that they would not suffer in the hands of the leaders who only safeguard the rights of Punjab. There are many advantages of building the Kalabagh Dam. The most apparent benefit is that Pakistan would have adequate electricity to meet the demands of both industry and consumers. Kalabagh Dam will also help to store the water which is going to waste. Last year there were many floods in the area which completely ruined the rural villages and town, had the dam been built such disaster would have been easily prevented and many innocent lives could have been saved. The government should come up with a solution which would remove the grievances of Sindh and I would highly recommend the current government to commence the work on Kalabagh Dam. All the people will have to acknowledge the fact that Kalabagh Dam is not only going to benefit Punjab, but the entire Pakistan. Adequate...
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