Topics: Firearm, Gun politics in the United States, Second Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: February 26, 2014

Research Paper: Gun Laws
A. Introduction
The United States has struggled over the years to come to consensus on gun laws and this has led to shocking numbers of deaths due to assault weapons. There are many factors that have prevented further adjustments and additions to gun laws that could help these problems the country faces. Unfortunately, decisions on the issue are often prolonged because and conclusions cannot be made because of party divisions. It is only when a genocide in our nation occurs that the country seems to recognize there may be a problem. Gun law reform is then attempted but rarely acted upon because of the divide on the issue. It is up to the government and the people to understand that deaths due to assault weapons are no longer a rare incident but now an epidemic. For example, there has been many recent occurrences where a shooting was carried out by someone who was mentally ill. An issue like this can be taken into consideration and laws can be made in order to keep assault weapons simply out of the wrong hands. Though this topic is specific and would not have profound results, laws like this are needed in order to start progress somewhere.

A major problem that seems to reoccur is that the gun issue is such a broad and polarizing issue that it must be handled differently in certain areas and states. Circumstances can vary based on where people live and how they were raised and lawmakers need to take all these factors into account. The truth is that in our country, times are changing. Rural populations are declining and urban cities are growing. Many who feel strongly about protecting their gun rights are from these rural areas. Also younger generations are less prone to be buying guns and it is mostly older people who are the strongest supporters. It is only once we understand where both sides are coming from that the government can compromise to then make progress. Politicians may even need to classify the types of people that the...
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