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kababji grill case study

By Ousy89 Mar 26, 2014 479 Words

Kabab-ji Case Study


1) How do customers judge the quality of a restaurant?
* By friendly and enjoyable staff , helpful and knowledgeable people about the products and services they provide. * By restaurant healthy and menu well presented.
* Freshness of the goods used by customers which served in restaurant.

2) Indicate how and why each of these factors is important to the successful operation of a restaurant :

* Customer satisfaction: What products/services do customers want, The price, quickness of service, and atmosphere of a restaurant affect restaurant customer satisfaction. In addition of that quality of both food and service are the most important factors satisfy customer. * Forecasting: By Predicting timing and volume of customer demand, restaurant using forecasting for placing purchase orders for food, and supplies. For example restaurateurs often use forecasting to estimate the necessary purchase quantities of various food-related items. * Capacity planning: By Matching supply and demand, and  how efficient restaurant use of resources to provide satisfactory service levels to users and attain success. For example number of tables and seating capacity also the number of meals served per day. In addition to that the efficiency on the handling schedule difficulties , product mix and quality factors such as ( facilities, products, service process and human resources ). * Location: By Determining the location of facilities, choice of location is one of main factor impact on the success or failure of the restaurant. There is a surrounding factors could impact such as the demographics. kababji prefer to situate its branches at strategic locations, primarily in high traffic locales on main roads with easy access to major residential areas. * Inventory management: By Meeting demand requirements while managing costs, and it is one of responsibilities a good restaurant manager is do . most of managers are doing weekly inventory. Which are counting every single item that comes in kitchen week after week , in order to find ways to control the costs and finding out which food is being used or waste so that you can order just the right amount next time. * Layout: Costs, flexibility, skill level needed, capacity, and the style is clean lines of dark wood and stainless steel, branches usually adopt a product-focused layout in order to maximize capacity during busy periods. Seating in a standard branch is allocated between tables for two or four people, which can be assembled to accommodate larger groups. The back of house stations are grouped together, except for the drink station which may be placed closer to the customer area. * Scheduling: Flexibility, efficiency, production, deciding which components to make and which to buy.

3) what are the ways kababji strategy and operations to gain an edge over its competition?

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