KA1 Skill Builder

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KA1 Skill Builder
Your KA1 Skill Builder will be challenging and will require devoted inquiry, assimilation, reflection, and refinement in order to achieve the highest possible score. It constitutes 45% of your grade and entails a 7-day completion window, so very obviously, this represents a heavy-duty assignment that will take significant time and effort. Specifically, you are to address each deliverable listed below in full and submit your work in accordance with the instructions contained herein.

Importantly, this is an independent assignment to be completed by you and you alone. Sharing work with fellow students, supplying advice to your student peers, gaining assistance from outside parties, and similar actions constitute violations of the academic code of conduct and will carry significant penalties in accordance with University policy. In evaluating your work, I will investigate compliance quality (i.e., the degree to which your submission complies with noted guidelines), content quality (i.e., the quality of the content presented in your work), reference/citation quality (i.e., the quality of associated references and adherence to APA style guidelines), and communication quality (i.e., the degree to which your work meets standards expected in business communications, including matters concerning the use of proper grammar and punctuation). Deliverable 1 of 3

Place yourself in the role of an entrepreneur seeking to investigate opportunities for establishing a new dry cleaning business in your local community. You plan to name the establishment Vista Dry Cleaners. In an effort to determine the features and benefits to be offered by Vista, examine the dry cleaning competition in the marketplace to get an idea of what's being offered to customers in the area. Then, using Theodore Levitt’s Total Product Concept, develop an associated TPC for Vista, identifying attributes pertaining to each level indicated in the model. As this is a real-world assignment...
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