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Workplace Communication Assessment

Workplace Communication Assessment

Lynekka Clark

Jack Welch Management Institute

Dr. Verona Kennedy


October 26,2014

Workplace Communication Assessment



There are many instances in the business world that mandates the need and use of effective communication. One of the most significant situations that call for effective communication is the implementation of organizational change. The business situation is that an organization is downsizing and the situation calls for that it has to lay off its employees. So, the effective communication revolves around the fact that the employees are communicated to be laid off in such a manner that their feelings with the workplace and HR representative does not get hurt and for achieving this phenomenon it is necessary that communication be done effectively in order to maintain and develop organizational values.


Effective communication has a significant role in initiating the organizational change as it builds a friendly and conducive atmosphere that is most indispensible to long term employee employer relationships. It is very necessary that communication with employees should be persuasive but emphatic in this type of situation when the organization is implementing change
(Rafaeli, 1988, pp. 122). The factors that impact on persuasive communication are method of communication, skills, frequency and content. It is very necessary that during the phase of organizational change when employees are being laid off due to certain reasons there should be empathy, concise style and the persuasiveness in the manner of the HR representative that should convince the employees that they are being laid off for their own good.

Barriers to communication have always existed regardless of the communication channel used, be it conventional or non-conventional. In the same way, with the emergence of lean media for

Workplace Communication Assessment



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