Juvenile Restorative Justice System

Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Crime, Criminology Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: July 23, 2011

Recently many people who are concern about the juvenile delinquent justice systems, started to promoting restorative juvenile justice system. The restorative justice system is a system where its focuses are on the needs of the victims, the offenders and the communities. Its aim is to be fair to all the stakeholders (the victims, the offenders, and the communities). Even though it is not a 100% effective for everyone, however by many research it has been proven that restorative justice programs to be more effective for the youth offenders to realize their mistake, not to reoffends, and mend the relationship back between the youth delinquents, the victims and also with the communities.

Juvenile restorative justice system is another options beside the correctional juvenile justice system. Juvenile restorative justice system is a new method of justice, its concentrate on repairing the harm and its involve the victims, the offenders, and the communities during restoration process. Where it will lead to restoration to the harm and the relationships between the delinquents, the victims and also with the communities.

The first reasons why many people sponsoring juvenile restorative justice system rather than the traditional juvenile justice system (especially for the first time offenders) is, because of its restorative nature. In correctional juvenile justice system when a crime is committed, they will asks; who did it, which laws that have been broken by it, and what kind punishment for the offenders. In restorative justice instead of those question they will asks; who is responsible for it?, what is the effect from the crime, and how to "make it right" or what is need to be done to restore it?(Bazemore & Umbreit, 2001). In restorative justice they want the offenders to understand what kind of harm they have caused for the victims and the communities. The restorative justice...
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