Juvenile Justice: I agree on life sentence.

Topics: Prison, Penology, Punishment Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: March 6, 2014
Juvenile Justice Essay:
A crime is a crime, wheter it is done intentionnaly or accidently it still is a crime. Juvenile crimes have been presented always. There has been a lot of contraversey about a Juvenile commiting a servere crime should suffer life sentenced in prison. Age shouldn’t be a factor when a crime is commited, a crime has been done and there must be consequences to take. Life sentenced is appropiate based on Mental Instability, Age and Damange that person could have caused to family, friends and loved ones.

Mental Instability:
Mental Instability can be present in a crime. Wheter that person has brain damage or has suffered many traumatic situations growing up, shouldn’t impead the reduction of life sentenced. Crime has been commited if Mental problems are involved the best decision should be putting in that person in a Mental Instability facility for treatment. That person shouldn’t be set free or reduced punishment just cause of that factor. It puts in danger the society that we live in.

Age shouldn’t be a factor of reduction of punishment. Wether a person is 13 years of age and has commited a serve crime isn’t different than a 50 year old commiting the same crime. Damage has been done to the society and the safety of people. However; people state that a 13 year-old hasn’t developed fully to know what’s right to wrong. But does that also apply to a 50 year old? They also have commited the same crime. Should there punishment also be reduced because they haven’t fully matured? It is a pretty absurd statement. Age shouldn’t reduce the punishment of a juvenile. A crime has been commited and there are punishments for those actions.

Damage to family, friends and Loved ones.
Most of the people who encountered situations in where a Juvenile has commited a crime think they shouldn’t be sentenced to life. But that person who simply reads articles or see’s it on the news, don’t know how the family feels about lossing one of their loved...
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