Juvenile Justice System 21st Century Unique Challenges

Topics: Child abuse, Neglect, Abuse Pages: 2 (863 words) Published: August 31, 2013
The Juvenile systems is facing and ever growing problem in today’s society. The problem is child Abuse and Neglect; this is an issue that is filling the courts to the max. The system faces this type of phone call about every 10seconds. This is a massive problem ongoing with the ever shrinking budgets and available staff to help the children. The Juvenile Justice System has very big challenge to help all the children that are victims of some form of abuse. The statistics in this type of case are just down right heart breaking and unbelievable.  

In this paper, I will discuss the unique challenges the juvenile justice system faces today regarding child abuse and neglect. For instance the juvenile justice system receives a phone call about every 10 seconds. (childhelp, n/d) The system keeps getting and alarming number of children that has received some form of abuse or neglect from mental, sexual, and physical. I will discuss my predictions and challenges and unique issues for the future of the juvenile justice system. The juvenile justice system has to come up with ways to help these children with shirking budgets and staff. The future holds unlimited possibilities for these children to grow and learn what happened to them was not their fault. The system has to deal with the ever growing population in the system, this is going to be the hardest issues for us as Americans and the juvenile justice system to understand and deal with. I will provide facts and figures of the increasing child abuse and neglect. The statistics in the amount of abuse and neglect that happens in America today are just heart breaking. The juvenile justice system has long road ahead of them to help with the causes that abuse and neglect have on our youth today. The future of our country is in the hand of our juvenile justice system, the youth in the system today will either go on to upstanding member of society or life of crime. The juvenile justice system has to stay ahead of the...
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