Juvenile Justice Research Paper Carbo

Topics: Prison, Youth detention center, Crime Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: December 1, 2014
Patience Carbone
Mrs. Garza
English 10 CP
2 December 2013
Juveniles Don’t Deserve to Die!
California’s policy to lock up youth offenders for the rest of their life without parole allows no chance for a young person to change and to prove that change has occurred (Wesley). Juveniles should not be charged as adults because they do not always understand what they have done, instead they should be put in a Juvenile rehabilitation center so they can change and show that change has occurred. A rehabilitative center doesn’t mean they are not being punished but it means they are being taught properly on how to act in society and they are still getting an education whereas in an adult prison they are surrounded by bad influences and not getting to finish their education. Juveniles are subjected to physical, emotional, and mental abuse when they are placed in adult jails. Juveniles tried as adults may not be able to stand trial due to the fact that they are emotionally or intellectually unable to contribute to their own defense (Krikorian). So therefore if youths are not able to stand trial due to the fact they are either not intellectually or emotionally stable then they won’t be emotionally ready to live in an adult prison and function properly. Youths held in adult prisons are eight times more likely to be sexually assaulted, twice as likely to be beaten by staff members and fifty percent more likely to be assaulted with a weapon than youth in juvenile facilities (McCrea). This may not happen to all juveniles but it happens to enough that that they are able to have statistics on it. Leaving off with that in mind juveniles are still young and that can cause emotional harm as well as physical which people say shouldn’t happen to children, so that creates a double standard saying it should it happen to a juvenile that never had the chance to try again, to make things right. In studies of juvenile's brains researchers have come to the conclusion that juvenile’s...
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