Juvenile Justice

Topics: Sociology, Crime, Juvenile delinquency Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: July 26, 2014
Discuss Hirschi’s social bond theory and its impact on the juvenile justice system. Your discussion should include the four elements of the Social Bond theory.

Hirschi’s social bond theory was created by Travis Hirshci in the late 1960’s. In the theory, Hirschi believed social controls are the actual or potential – positive or negative, internal or external – for conformity to social mores (Kunselman 87). The social controls take the form of social bonds which are the relationships that juveniles have with role models and persons of influence such as parents, teachers and peers. When the bonds are not very strong with the role models and persons of influence then the juvenile has a strong inclination for criminal activity. Social bonds are critical to help prevent crime and delinquency. There are four elements inside Hirschi’s social bond theory which are attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief.

Attachment inside Hirschi’s social bond theory is the basic element for the internalization of norms and the values of a society which reflects effective ties to family, schools, and friends, and affection for and sensitivity to others (Kunselman 88). Commitment is the stake a person has in society and what that person stands to lose by committing a crime (Kunselman 88). Involvement is the extent to which one participates in the conventional activities of a society (Kunselman 88). Belief is the respect for moral validity of the rules of a society which people believe in the laws of a society and what that society stands for (Kunselman 88).

Hirschi’s social bonds believe conventional values, including respect of laws and regulations, are less likely to become a juvenile delinquent. Seeking success and becoming a conformist such as taking a job and developing a social reputation discourage criminal activity. A conformist will not take the chance of committing crimes and hurting chances of advancement in society. The busier the juvenile is in constructive...
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