Juvenile Justice

Topics: Crime, Conviction, Capital punishment Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Juvenile Justice
About 20 percent of teens each day are tried as adults. Some teens don’t realize how heinous these crimes they commit are. Depending on the crime, if it’s bad they should get a harsh penalty. Juveniles should be tried as adults because they should pay for their actions, they are mature enough to understand what they did and if they choose to follow grownups and their crimes they should pay the same penalty. Juveniles that commit crimes should pay for their actions. For example a 14 year old named Lionel Tate was convicted of killing a young girl while trying to do wrestling moves on her, he knew what he was doing. He probably thought he wasn’t going to hurt her but he did in fact he killed her. The moves he did were move that are fatal so he should of knew the outcome of it. He’s old enough to understand what he did so he’s old enough to understand the consequences. The crimes they commit are choices they make no one can change a juveniles mind when they have it set on something. After a crime committed some teens don’t show any remorse to what they did at all. Like this guy named Robert Acuna he killed two elderly neighbors execution style. At his trial they said “He laughed at inappropriate things. He still didn’t quite get the magnitude of everything he did.” Him laughing at what he did was uncalled for and maybe in their eyes they seen that if he was laughing at something cruel that he did he might do it again. Juveniles are starting to get convicted of crimes worser than before .If a juvenile decides to act like an adult and follow someone’s footsteps that isn’t doing the right thing and commit a murder, they should be tried as adults. Every teen should lead their own path and not get pressured or make decisions on committing crimes those types of crimes. Convictions for violent crimes should be taken serious whether it’s a juvenile or an adult. If a juvenile is tried with murder they should get the most punishment, because whether they...

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