Juvenile Delinquency Case Work

Topics: Parent, Crime, Juvenile delinquency Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: October 8, 2013

Juvenile Casework
Tiara Banks
Kaplan College

In today’s society kids are learning at younger ages and are well ahead of the past generations. Kids are becoming more mature at younger ages and they are engage in activities that no normal child should engage in. Parental guidance and preventive measures are key factors when dealing with today’s youth population. Most youth are lacking parental guidance which to me is the major problem in juvenile delinquency.

A fourteen year old can be a handful even when you are doing the right thing to raise them. I have Jimmy Smith a fourteen year old male; he is being raised by his mother. She is a single parent. Smith has been truant for school, had a couple fights, sexual active, and is using drugs. I will be stating ways to correct his actions, monitoring his actions, and what I recommend for his mother to do to change his ways.

Most delinquency of a juvenile is because they are not taught properly by their parents or guardians about what is wrong or right. In order to solve the problem juvenile, I will create a juvenile rehabilitation program and enter him into the program early so that there is a greater chance he will not do wrong again. The juvenile rehabilitation program can viewed as child’s prison but it is not. The aim of juvenile delinquency is to correct the child’s misdemeanor tendencies so that they do not become a threat to society. Jimmy is being raised by his mother. He does not have a father figure in his life and that plays a major role in his behavior. Research has proved that if delinquency of a juvenile is not addressed early it may lead to some dangerous problems later on in his life. The rehabilitation program will request that Jimmy’s mother participate in different activities with him. Parents play a very important role in molding a child into a productive citizen. The participation of his...

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