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November 20, 2013

Juvenile crimes are the various offenses that children under the age of eight-teen commit. The acts involved in these crimes are called juvenile delinquency. The issue of juvenile delinquency has been a rising issue in the American society for decades. As we take a look into the factors behind this problem we will also look into what changes have been made to the juvenile justice system to combat this. Factors behind juvenile delinquency is said to be mental illness and substance abuse which are the main contributors. It is said to be that roughly thirty to ninety percent of detained and incarcerated juveniles have been found to have some sort of mental illness. In the past, there were times when these crimes would escalate or get more violent. This necessitated changes in the policies by law enforcement officers to meet the growing problem. Among these changes were the impositions of juvenile transfer laws, prosecutorial discretion and even capital punishment for these juveniles. In the case of Jordan Brown, it is one of the rare cases in which he does not fall into the thirty-ninety percent quartile range of mental problems. He also does not fall under the category of a substance abuser. Jordan Brown is an eleven year old boy who allegedly killed his stepmother to be.

In February of 2009, a four year old daughter of Kenzie Houk came running out of her house screaming her mother was dead. A local tree cutting service heard the cries from the child and immediately got the address of the home to call 911. State police found the body of a pregnant twenty-six year old, Kenzie Houk, lying in her bed dead from a shotgun blast to the back of the head in the small town of Wampum, Pennsylvania. The search for her killer ended quickly in utter despair. The murderer was eleven year old Jordan Brown, son of the victim’s fiancé. Local weather reports had roughly one inch of snow on the ground since the night before and there were no traces of footprints near the house except ones made by the father who left for work that night before the autopsy proved she was dead. The shooting occurred sometime after the father had left for work, approximately 3:30a.m, leaving only Jordan Brown and Houk’s two daughters at the ages of four and seven at the home. Police investigators found a shotgun shell dropped along a path in which Jordan walked along with Houk’s oldest daughter to catch the school bus after the shooting. The shotgun belonged to Jordan; it was a gift he had received on Christmas a year prior to the shooting. The father, Chris Brown, bought him the gun because the two of them would go hunting together. The gun was locked away and only taken out when the two of them would go out on their hunting trips. They also found the shotgun with residue from the bullet, in Jordan’s room along with that same residue on his shirt and pants. Before the shooting occurred a few days prior, Houk’s nephew reportedly heard Jordan commenting on murdering the Houk family. Reports claim Jordan stated “if I had I gun I would pop Kenzie and her two girls.” When asked about the remark Jordan responded with a simple “no I never said that.” Also a testimony from Houk’s oldest daughter had said that she saw Jordan earlier in the day and he was holding a gun. A possible motive for the homicide or probable behavior has also been provided by the prosecutor in the case. It was a blended family, and the alleged juvenile was said to be jealous of the fiancé getting married to his father and all the attention she was receiving for the baby that was due in two weeks. He felt as if he was being mistreated by the fiancé who reportedly favorited her own daughters more than him. She would allegedly not give him any attention and only pay mind or take interest in her own two kids. Lastly, the parents decided to move him out of his room so that they could make more room for the new baby. As an eleven year old boy it is hard to cope...

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