Juvenile delinquency

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Juvenile Delinquency

Do we still have hope? Our future is in the hands of the young children who are growing up to be delinquents. Delinquency is when a juvenile has engaged in a criminal act and this problem has become a social norm for youth in the United States. Undisciplined children are those beyond parental control. Some of these children feel untouchable because their parents have no type of control over them. These are the type of children who are more likely to engage in criminal activities. Other children who would most likely fall into delinquency are dependent children, neglected children and abused children. It is important to keep in mind that children are very vulnerable in every stage of their childhood; there is no such thing as a mature child. Every child needs the love and nurture from a parent because Parents play a big role in a child’s life; they are the key to success for a child’s future. Unfortunately, not every child has both parents to care and provide for them. Are drugs responsible for youth gangs and violent crimes in the United States? Drug abuse is the most common offense amongst juveniles in US society, because of the high rates of drug trafficking in urban cities (Decker, 1999). Are there any other causes besides drugs that contribute to juvenile delinquency? There are many underlying causes that can contribute to youth delinquency. For Example, Loose laws regarding guns, drugs and violence can lead to delinquency. In my research I will compare juvenile delinquency in the city of Lawrence which has a high crime rate with two other areas like Lowell, has similar environmental features to Lawrence. The second area is Methuen, which is a more suburban district but urban at the same time and has different characteristics to Lawrence. Local authorities and kid clubs should invest more time in properly educating the children on dealing with peer pressure, drug and substance abuse, and with how to deal with their surroundings. The state should also get involved and enact a two strikes rule in which any child 18 and under, who becomes involved in criminal activities and is arrested more than once, will immediately become custody of the state. Once the child is in custody of the state they will be sent through a behavioral correctional program and other strict programs such as boot camps in order to reform the child. In the end, parents and society need to change their attitudes about youth violence. For young children to survive in this new world parents and other adults need to understand children’s needs and emotional background in order to help them grow up to be virtuous and good people.

Juvenile delinquency has become a trend amongst the youth; there are several factors that contribute to this behavior that has become an epidemic. Some examples include failure to individuality, lack of supervision and guidance from parents, drugs and alcohol consumption. Juveniles often times are influenced by friends and peers, according to Sharpe in her research (2003). The number of friends determines the involvement of a juvenile in delinquency. Studies have shown that family has a great impact in a child's life, family influences a Childs attitudes, socialization and decision- making. It is hypothesized that adolescents who lack family guidance will participate in criminal activities. The juvenile will try to seek in the streets and in groups what he or she can't find at home. According to Ellen Grinney, 60% and 80% of children that run away from their homes in the United States are due to abuse (p.58).Children need love and order, someone who can discipline them and also care for them. A person who is going to tuck them in their beds every night, a person who helps them with their home work, a person who washes their wounds and a person who says I love you every now and then. Children need attention and understanding from both parents. Most teenagers who...
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