juvenile delinquency

Topics: Youth detention center, Sleepers, Crime Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: November 19, 2013

Extra Credit#1 “SLEEPERS” Due Date November 18, 2013 Anthony Milini

2. Sleepers is a movie about four juveniles growing up in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen in the 1960’s. Lorenzo Carcatarra claims it is a true story, but New York denies anything and everything. The four boys are good friends with their Catholic priest named Father Bobby, who is played by Robert DeNeiro. Father Bobby is a good priest who likes to have fun and play basketball, smoke, and drink, but he really cares about the boys. One time one of the boys was hit by his mother’s boyfriend and he had a talk with him and basically told him if you hit the by again ill kill you. One day the boys are hanging out on a rooftop and they decide to steel some hotdogs from a portable hotdog vendor, they’ve done it before so it was nothing new, but this time as the decoy boy orders a hotdog and don’t pay for it, and is chased by the hot dog vendor the three other kids start to push the cart, and as the other kid returns they move it over a subway stairway and as the vendor appears the boys cannot hold on any longer, so the cart goes down the steps and smashes a guy into the wall, h does not die but is hospitalized. The four juveniles go to court and three of them are sentenced to at least 1 year and not more than 18 months, and the other one is sentenced to at least 6 months and not more than one year. They are required to serve their term at the Wilkinson home for boys, it has 5 units and holds 780 juveniles. While serving there sentence a guard Shawn Nokes played...
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