Juvenile Corrections

Topics: Crime, Prison, Criminal law Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: April 30, 2013
My Future Career
Michelle Washburn-Roethle
Everest University

Life can be quite the journey. My life is of no exception. After many years of different jobs in many different fields I took a step back. I asked myself do I have a career and if not how can I get one. My current job lacks advancement opportunity, even with education. After weeks of research I am excited that I have chosen a career in Criminal Justice. I hope that after receiving my degree that I will become a Juvenile Probation Officer. A career as a Juvenile Probation Officer is well-respected, offers a good salary, and the opportunity to excel and advance.

The probation of juveniles is staffed by dedicated individuals that believe that youths who have broken the law can change their deviant behaviors in favor of more socially acceptable activities (Mcfall Torbet, 1996). Applying dedication and education which they have received, the juvenile probation officer has the ability to give youth’s within their community a second chance. The use of mentors, alternative schooling, community service, and counseling services are a few methods that are put in place from the probation officers recommendations during the intake process. Many probation officers are involved with the community speaking and representing their concern for the juvenile criminal justice system. This hard work a dedication to youth in their community has earned them society respect as a juvenile probation officer.

Rewarding and monetarily satisfactory are attributes of the Juvenile probation officer. The current salary range is $36,440-$62,820 ("Juvenile probation officer," 2013). This salary can increase with advancement or promotion as high as $100,000 per year and is more common in urban areas. The need for more probation officers is rising at a considerable rate. The generous 18% increase through 2018 is in part because of budget cuts and the need to reduce the number of incarcerated individuals. The demand for this...

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