Juvenile Boot Camps

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Running Head: Juvenile Boot Camps

Juvenile Boot Camps
John Coale
TESST College

Professor Tuer
September 4, 2010
This paper will discuss the history of the canine dog. This paper will also discuss the different breeds of the canine and its purposes. This paper focuses on the training, handling, and the overall care of the canine by the police or other agencies involving canines.

Increased juvenile delinquency and engagement in crime has been an issue of concern to many parents and the authority in general.  Although juvenile crimes have been there even in the past, they have been increasing at an alarming rate and the intensity of crimes committed has also increased. However the criminal justice system has set up different correction facilities for the juveniles from those used by other convicts. One of such alternative correction for the juveniles is Boot camps. Juvenile Boot camps have been developed along the model of adult Boot camps but they have some special outlook into the needs of juveniles.  It is for their effectiveness in correction of juvenile behaviors that boots camps have become increasingly useful in our correction system. This paper will explore juvenile boot camps. It will look into the operations of boot camps and evaluate their rate of success.  However, let us first look into the historical development of boot camps. The first boot camps were set up in the United States in 1980s as a part of the correction and the penal system. They are either owned by the government or by the private sector. In 1995, the US federal government operated more than 50 Boot camps. Since then there have been increase in boot camps with the entry of the private sector. (Jones, 1994)  Currently it is estimated that there are about 50 to 100 boot camps in the United States.   Boot camps are the most preferred choice for juveniles who are first time offenders instead of being placed in prisons or on probation. However in some states,...

References: Jones M., Kris berg B. Images and Reality: Juvenile Crime, Youth Violence and Public Policy. San Francisco: National Council on Crime and Delinquency, June 1994 p.14.
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