Juvenile Arrest

Topics: Crime, Death Penalty, Prison Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: August 31, 2010
Juvenile Arrest
The Juvenile Justice system applies certain powers and responsibilities within society. Among the many tasks it faces, maintaining order and preserving the Constitutional rights are the most important. When charged with criminal activities, a juvenile must face many factors during his or her course of arrest, trial phase, convictions, sentencing and rehabilitation process. In violating the law, police officers handle the situations in different ways. Many times, a juvenile will be warned that his or her parents may be called in to discuss the matter in which they got in trouble for; other times, the juvenile will be arrested. To be arrested, there must be reason that an offense occurred and the juvenile committed it. Like adults, a juvenile who is arrested must be informed of his or her rights (Juvenile). If part of their arrest requires a line up, he or she must comply so victims can properly identify them (Bartollas & Miller, 2010). Their booking process takes place in a detention center. There are some juvenile cases that are placed in diversion. Diversion is a program which helps to keep young offenders out of the justice system. In some instances; however, there are cases referred to the juvenile court system. All across the country, juvenile court is different from those that apply to adults. The proceedings for juvenile court enables court workers to include probation officers, psychologists, social workers and other trained workers. These individuals recognize and respond appropriately to the specific and special needs of the young offenders. Many rights given to adults are applied to juveniles, such as; right to legal counsel, the right to a hearing, the right to cross-examine witnesses as well as the right to appeal court decisions (juvenile). Unlike adults, most states do not give juveniles a jury trial; they can be denied release from a detention center if the courts deem them to pose a danger to others or themselves, if...
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