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Juvenile Blueprint ProgramsChristina McGruder
Grantham University
There are two main types of mentoring and planned mentoring. There are different ways to describe mentoring, but they all boil down to one thing: a positive, supportive relationship between a young person and a caring adult. In this essay I will be explaining the Big Brother Big Sister program, which has been around for many years. This program has helped many children and teens become a better person in life. Juvenile Blueprint ProgramsVolunteering with the BBBS of America can be a life altering experience. Mentoring children that develop in a deprived situation is good for yourself and others. Giving back to an organization such as BBBS is considerably respectful. Assisting children from single parent homes has proven to develop a higher level of confidence in children, improved many relationships with adults and advance them on school work. Developing a youth’s confidence is an essential component of a bright future. Studies show that developing higher levels of self-confidence have enabled children to trust their teachers and other adults more. Also, confidence has been related to a lesser probability of repeating grades and overall increase in attendance. Creating interest in the youth is a key component in helping them to become well-rounded individuals. Through the BBBS program children are given the most needed attention, which increases their self-confidence. Also, mentoring enables a child to discover a relationship with an adult that never existed, and consequently, gives them someone they can look-up to. The nurturing and self-confidence given to children from BBBS, helps them develop trust and a meaningful relationship with adults. This help improve the relationship, helps children learn how to express themselves in an eloquent and confident manner. Communicating with their parents, teachers, or mentors instills problem solving techniques, otherwise, unknown to children....

References: BIBLIOGRAPHY www.blueprintprograms.com/fact sheet/bbbs
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