Juvenil Crimes

Topics: Murder, Manslaughter, Death Penalty Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: September 21, 2010
Over the past years Juveniles have been fighting in court for being tried as adults. Many people agree or disagree on that decision, are they Juveniles, Children, or they adults? Writers like Adam Liptak, Marjie Lundstrom, Greg Krikorian, and Paul Thompson have maelstrom the ways of the mind of teenagers or consider their committed crimes to be adjured. The things that go through a teen’s brain are starting and unbearable to hear or imagine. Between the ages of 12 through 17, minors have been committing crimes that make their way down to death row. They look at juveniles on how unreliable and inconsistent they are on making bad decisions. But often minors bring unparticular brutally attracting impulsive claims on their behalf’s on their crimes. Though the mind of a teenager’s brain is pretty much dazed out, meaning how would you think they could handle prison. Well people say if they can handle committing crimes they should put up with what should be disserved. This brought a concern to society should Juveniles be charge as adults? In the article assertions from Liptak, Lundstrom, Krikorian, and Thompson, bring us evidence of how juveniles are being tried as adults. These journalists bring concerning information on how teen’s react to hatred crimes that they commit. Liptak and Lundstrom consideration against one’s opinion on how juvenile’s crimes should be thought are at most similar to one another’s thoughts. Liptak thinks that juveniles should be brought to thought, that they commit crimes to diminish their responsibilities to some of what of danger to themselves and others. Lundstrom says that they’re only kids until they mess up and commit crimes, then were more eager to call them adults. Krikorian believes that teens are “seriously impaired”, are less likely to recognizes the risks and don’t really think about the consequences. Thompson finds that mathematical the brain system grows little until puberty corresponding with abstract concepts before then....
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