Justinian and the Byzantine Empire

Topics: Roman Empire, Justinian I, Constantinople Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Dbq Essay Justinian
Emperor Justinian did revive the Roman Empire to some extent. He was known for rebuilding and constructing many new things but he still kept old traditions. He modified them so that they were able to be used during his time. According to document 1, Justinian takes the religion that the Byzantine had and finds that it is creating stray errors. Justinian then decides to use the firm foundation of a single faith. He also made the code of Justinian which was a book of laws that he had simplified and made it into a more cohesive code. This code that Justinian made was a great improvement because it was a more unified way to enforce rules. When Justinian became emperor, he brought the eastern half of the Roman Empire into a Golden Age. According to document 4, he built new cities, buildings, and a magnificent church called the Hagia Sophia. The church was known for its beauty treasure because not many churches during that time were as elegant as the Hagia Sophia. Economically, Justinian tried to revive the Roman Empire in Constantinople. He tried to make Constantinople as glorious as Rome was. Socially, Justinian was ranked as high authority. According to document 3, He was similar to god and had an extreme amount of power. Justinian was known for having two different personalities. In document 1, he portrayed a more kind personality and in document 2 he had a more evil side. He was known for being two faced. Emperor Justinian’s legacy was that he rebuilt Constantinople and he tried to keep elements of the Roman Empire alive. Politically, he reformed the laws into his own code and he brought Christianity into the picture. Economically, Justinian rebuilt many new buildings which were a huge success and socially Justinian was known to have much higher power than anyone else. Overall Justinian’s legacy is still remembered today because of how much he changed Byzantine.
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