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1.Traditionalist charge that wider agenda makes the subject incoherent and formulates security to incorporate and formulates security to incorporate the agenda. Traditionalist security patterns has considerable power to explain and predict both the formation of durable regional patterns of security relations and the patterns of outside intervention in these regions.

2.Barry Buzan in his book, people are affected by threats in different areas other than military, such as in political, economic, societal and environmental sectors. He maintains that individuals, states and the international system all play significant roles. All facets of life including economic, societal and environmental must be regarded as being as important as military and political. Buzan goes so far as to define the five security sectors, one of the security sector are environmental security which concerns the maintenance of the local and the planetary biosphere as the essential support system on which all other hu biosphere man enterprises depend(Buzan 1991, 19-20).

3.The military sector in about relationships of forceful coercion, the political sector is about relationships of authority, governing status and recognition, the economic sector is about relationships of trade, production and finance, the societal sector is about relationships of collective identity and the environmental sector is about relationships between human activity and the planetary biosphere.


4.Aims is to highlight the environmental security a new framework for analysis.


5.Scope of this paper will cover agenda as follows:

a. Definitions.
b. What is Environmental Security?
c. The Environmental Security Agenda.
d. Security Actors and Referent Objects.
e. The Logic of Threats and Vulnerabilities.
f. Summary.


6.Environment. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines ‘environment’ as ‘the conditions that affect the behaviour and development or physical conditions of somebody.

7.Environmental. Environmental Security defined by ‘concerns the maintenance of the local and the enterprises depend'(Buzan 1991, 19-20).


8.Jon Barnett in his book, security can apply to many different things that are valued referent to objects such as jobs, health, organizations, countries and refer to many different kinds of risk such as lack of food, change of government and war. However environmental has been seen as a referent object of security and that environmental change has been seen as a security risk. These and connections between the environment and security fall under the heading of ‘environmental security’. Approaches to environmental security are diverse and reflect many theoretical perspective. Environmental security is one of a number of ‘new’, ‘non-traditional security issue that have served to deepen security as it entails considering not just the security of states but also the security of ‘global’ environment as well as its many nested sub-system and various social system.

9.In the longer term, environmental issues may well become paramount security concern as the impacts of certain environmental problems seem set to increase for example concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere are ever-increasing and so therefore will sea level and the intensity of climatic hazards such as cyclones, floods and droughts, problem of nuclear waste have not been dealt with and the stockpile is still growing and water demand is increasing but supply is relatively fixed. The relevance of environmental security will most probably increase until such time as truly common and cooperative approaches implement serious reforms to achieve forms of social organization that are ecologically sustainable.


10. In the environmental sector, range possible reference object is very...
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