Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber
On March 1, 1994, Justin Drew Bieber was born to his single mother, Pattie Mallette in Ontario, Canada. Pattie and her husband, Jeremy Bieber, split up right after Justin was born. Justin didn’t dwell on the fact that his father wasn’t around much because he had other siblings that surrounded him in his everyday life. What nobody knew was that Justin would someday become a famous singer and performer. From the age of three, he always loved to sing and play with his instruments. By playing them, he taught himself how to play the drums, guitar, piano, and the trumpet. Over time, his talents became extraordinary. Years later, Justin Bieber became an international pop star because of his amazing talents, music, and family support (“75 Things You Should Know About Justin Bieber”) (“imDb.com”). Justin Bieber became a hit sensation due to his videos that he posted on YouTube of him singing covers of songs by Artists such as Chris Brown. His video “With You” by Chris Brown broke thirty-five million views in just a short number of weeks. One lucky viewer, Scooter Braun, watched Justin’s video and was absolutely stunned by his ability to sing. Scooter then emailed Justin and offered him a record deal. Justin accepted his offer whenever he was just thirteen years old. From then on, Justin Bieber became one of the most popular and successful young artists in the world (“TheFactSite.com”). Justin’s debut album, “My World”, was released on November 17, 2009. It featured the hot singles “One Time”, and “One Less Lonely Girl”. His second album, “My World 2.0”, featured his #1 hit single, “Baby” that went double platinum and was placed #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 2010. His music video for his song made an international record for the most views (“About.com”). During his entire career, he’s won a total of thirty-one awards. His most favorite award that he won was “Top New Artist” on the 2011 Billboard...

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