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Compare and Contrast Characters
20 October 2014
Bluegrass Drama Harlan, Kentucky- The sound of the banjo comes on, and you hear Gangstagrass singing, “I see them long, hard times to come,” and you know it is time for Justified. The T.V series, based on the novels Pronto and Riding the Rap by Elmore Leonard, is sure to entertain. Timothy Olyphant plays U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens, a good looking, gun slinging Marshall who is reassigned to his hometown of Harlan, Kentucky, after a shooting in Miami he was involved in. When asked by his new boss Art Mullen to explain the shooting, Raylan’s response was, “It was justified.” Once in Harlan, Givens now has to deal with Boyd Crowder, a well-known bank robber played by Walton Goggins. In the opening season, Crowder decides to blow up a black church shouting, “Fire in the hole!” before releasing his rocket launcher.
Givens and Crowder have an extensive history. They grew up together, were friends, worked the coal mines together (hence the fire in the hole comments throughout the series), and both of their fathers were known criminals. Givens became a U.S. Marshall and Crowder a criminal.
Everyone in Harlan knows something is about to go down when they see Raylan walk in with his cowboy hat and dapper clothes. Boyd’s signature spiky hair also truly fits his character. He has a huge swastika on his shoulder and is very much a racist. Raylan is very much a ladies’ man and throughout the series both Raylan and Boyd become involved with Ava Crowder, Boyd’s sister in law. Raylan also still flirts with his ex-wife Winona, and in the first episode, Ava kisses him on the lips the minute she sees him. Ava says, “Can’t we just put on a little music and dance?” At one point, Raylan’s boss even warns him saying, “Raylan, you can’t sleep with her”, referring to Ava.
In the first episode of Season 1, Givens ends up shooting Crowder and puts him in prison. Right before the

Cited: Justified. By Graham Yost, Dir. Michael Dinner, Perf. Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, Nick Searcy, Jacob Pitts. FX. 2010. Television.

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