Justification Statement on Artificial Turf

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“Bringing science to The Surface”

TO: Dr. Stephen Dale, Director of Athletics at University of Delaware FROM: Katelyn Pisano, Marketing Executive, Sports Field Contractors CC: Richard Kerrigan, Rachel Wassel
DATE: 7 April 2013


Since 1975, the University of Delaware’s Athletic Department has spent over twenty million dollars on maintaining natural grass sports fields and running tracks. Thirty-five hours of cutting, relining, and irrigation a week is necessary in order for the fields to remain usable. Almost five times a year, they need fertilization, topdressing, weed and pest control.

As you may know, the University of Delaware’s athletic sports teams such as football, baseball, soccer, rugby, track and field, lacrosse, and field hockey collectively use the five sports fields on campus. This year, because of the natural grass sports fields provided on campus, thirty games were either cancelled or moved indoors.

If the University of Delaware’s athletic department continues to use natural grass turf, there could be major consequences including less funding, increased cancellations of sporting events, frequent injuries, and increased maintenance, which are all taking money out of your pocket. In order to help the University of Delaware save money, time, and effort, I recommend you install synthetic turf fields on campus from Sports Field Contractors.


Synthetic turf offers a cheaper substitute from natural grass fields. The turf does not grow, therefore it does not need mowing, nor does it need to be relined constantly. It can be permanently marked for multiple sports to play on. Aesthetically, these fields are attractive, with a deep, uniform green color that shows up well on television as well as in still photography. Also, as a result of the deep green color of the turf, lines for each sport are easily scene from every spot on the field.

In areas where there is frequent rain, such as in the state of Delaware, synthetic turf fields drain quickly and are able to be played on sooner than natural-grass fields. Fields made of synthetic turf handle more play without “resting” between uses. During winter months, synthetic-turf fields can allow regular snow removal (with manufacturer-approved equipment). The field’s ability to heat up in the sun also helps melt snow, allowing the turf to be playable by any sports team just two days after a storm.


The main advantage of Sports Field Contractors (SPC) is that we manufacture the only patent-pending turf system designed specifically to reduce surface heat, and that is totally environmentally friendly, made from 100% recyclable, non-toxic materials. This system includes the EcoSistem Replicated Grass System that is shown in figure 1 below.

Figure 1

This design conquers the problem of infill instability and fly-out that, therefore, has plagued all other turfs–by packing much higher face weight (62 oz. with no thatch waste) into a shorter tuft matrix, resulting in much higher filament blade-density. In addition, the ¼” shock attenuation blanket produces a totally symmetrical, 4X4, blade distribution, which assures that foot-response and ball-action is the same in any direction. No other artificial turf on the market has achieved this degree of symmetry.


Since graduating from St. Josephs University in 2000, where I received my Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, I have worked two different jobs. Working as a sales manager at All4One Sportswear, I sold sportswear and apparel to high schools and colleges across the United States for four years. Currently, I am a marketing executive at Sports Field Holdings, Inc. and have been involved with this company for eleven years.

In my 11 years at Sports Field...
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