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Topics: Cannes Film Festival, Opening, Arrangement Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: January 4, 2011
Mr. Carey,

As you requested, I’ll be giving you an update on my progress. Currently I’m working on finalizing the arrangements for the opening and closing sessions

For the opening session, I have a date I’m targeting but I haven’t been able to actually set it yet. I’m just making sure Lamar will have his schedule open for the date before I go ahead and set it. I’ve spoken to several department directors who are eager to speak for the opening presentation. Once I get a confirmation from Lamar that he will be available, I will go ahead and advise the directors to prepare their speeches. As well, I spoke to Barney Fife and will arrange to have him make a speech. While I’m waiting on Lamar though, which he tells me he will most likely be available for the day I’m planning, I’m going to go ahead and contact the same catering company and conference center I’m using for the closing presentation. I’ll make sure they will be available for the day I’m expecting to hold the opening, also notifying them that there may be a possible change to the date just in case. I’ll be updating you within the next few days on how that is going.

For the closing session, everyone will be available, so the date has already been set and mostly all arrangements have been made. The conference center and the catering company are already scheduled for us. Most of the speakers are already finalized. The only thing I am trying to arrange for the closing, is a speech by Gene Rogers. I’ve spoken to Mr. Rogers’ assistant about us and how we would like for Mr. Rogers to join us and make a speech for our new interns. The assistant told me Mr. Rogers would like the idea and does actually have the date free, but unfortunately he is away right now at the Cannes Film Festival so I wasn’t able to confirm his appearance or not. I’m going to send his assistant a letter requesting Mr. Rogers’ appearance. I’ll let you know right away when I get an answer back. Hopefully he won’t have other plans come...
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