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Justification Report

By msessie1 Jan 29, 2012 338 Words
Justification Report Plan
Strayer University Online

Professor Palm

I intend to address the Building Manager in my Justification Report on ways the building can be a ”green” building and have less impact on the environment. The purpose of this report is to introduce new products that can be used throughout the building that are environmentally friendly such as the types of cleaning materials that the maintenance crew uses, types of paper products used, and building materials used on improvements. I also plan to address implementing a recycle program in the building which will assist employees that are interested in becoming more environmentally friendly. I will also look into implementing a “green” roof which will utilize the space on the rooftop terrace to have environmentally friendly plants. I will recommend vendors that provide “green” products from the information that is gathered.

I will use the internet to gather information regarding the costs to implement the recycle programs, and the various vendors in the area that offer environmentally friendly products to be used in the building. The information that I find will also be used to compare costs and benefits of using these products versus the products currently used. I will also look at buildings in the area that have already implemented a recycling program as well as the other efforts used to go green. I will take the data that I compile to compare the benefits of implementing a “green” program at my building. Some of the things that I will look at will be cost and employee impact. I will take a look at buildings that have implemented the “green rooftop” both online and comparing buildings that have a “green rooftop” in my area to compare the benefits as well as the cost to maintain it. The main criteria that will be used to come to my conclusion and recommendation will be the cost to develop and implement the program and the benefit to the employees and the impact on the local environment.

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