Justification for Upgrade of Trainer Position

Topics: Drill instructor, Education, Water Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: August 15, 2011
Mrs. Williams,

As I mentioned in our last staff meeting, I will like to recap the importance of filling the position available here in my group as a matter of urgency. We have completed and posted the third quarter schedule with many essential classes not inclusive. Gloria is very much tied up with field and contract training leaving Mohammed alone to teach all the scheduled classes. I have had to go in to assist in teaching some classes and because most of our classes are 21/2 to 5 days – 8 hours in duration, I am unable to perform any other duties in the week I am stuck in the classroom. I know Mr. McCoy has a lot in his plate right now and my need frequent reminder of our critical situation here in training.  Thanks for your support

I forgot to mention in the earlier justification letter that we had courses that were approved by TCEQ which Billy Shea was the only instructor approved to teach. Those courses are Surface Water production I & II and Customer service inspection. Our inability to hire an instructor with TCEQ qualifications have that can teach those course after Billy left has left us with no choice but to use outside vendors for these course. The average cost to the City is an average of $20,000 a year. We also plan to expand our program to include Water and Wastewater Technology, Advance Utility Calculation, Advance Water and Wastewater Laboratory and more. These courses are presently being offered only by outside vendors and cost the City about another average of $20,000 a year. This upgrade will enable us to hire an  in-house instructor that will be readily available for our employees and the instruction will be customized to suite our needs as opposed to the generic version offered by the vendors.   

With the vacancy created for a Trainer position at OSB training group, due to the resignation of Victor Burks, it is requested that the position be upgraded to a Senior Trainer for the reasons indicated below: Our training goal for this...
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