Justification for Increasing Headcount

Topics: Theory of Constraints, Technical support, Chi-square distribution Pages: 13 (3839 words) Published: February 8, 2006
Justification for Increasing Headcount:
Applying the Theory of Constraints on Logical Organizational Processes Supporting Ford Motor Company's eRoom Infrastructure

Prepared For: Leonard Sholtis
Prepared By: Adam Chalmers

Fall 2005
Walsh College

Though not applied to traditional manufacturing processes as we have studied in class, the purpose of this case analysis is to apply the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to the operations of Ford Motor Company's EHTSS (a.k.a. Server Hosting Operations). Moreover, the goal is to justify to the EHTSS management team the necessity to provide more robust support for the eRoom infrastructure. Through harvesting five months worth of GIRS support tickets, the TOC analysis uncovered two constraints: (1) a physical constraint – the current team of two systems administrators dedicated to eRoom infrastructure support did not have enough capacity to properly support that environment and (2) a policy-based constraint – as a byproduct of the analysis, a range of tickets matching a specified criterion were found. The constraint was that these tickets could be offloaded to first level support (SOC ) but were not. To quantify the results, a Six Sigma statistical analysis tool called a chi-square goodness-of-fit test was performed twice on a nonrandom sample of GIRS tickets to validate our constraints. The results showed significant evidence that an increase in head count to establish a dedicated eRoom support team is justified and that there are tickets that can be offloaded to the SOC. Additionally, these results will show EHTSS management that streamlining, expediting, and improving the overall support processes will resolve customer satisfaction issues, improve EHTSS metrics, and reduce the ancillary costs in supporting the eRoom infrastructure. By comparing and contrasting production management TOC principals with TOC and logical processes I will reveal how EHTSS can utilize TOC to improve the support of Ford's eRoom infrastructure.

Justification for Increasing Headcount:
Supporting Ford Motor Company's eRoom Infrastructure
Problem Definition
Enterprise Hosting Technical Support Services (EHTSS) does not have the resources in place to efficiently support the eRoom infrastructure. At the present time, there are only two systems administrators assigned to support the eRoom infrastructure. Categorically, that is not enough personnel to support the current or future environment. Currently, the amount of time it takes to resolve eRoom issues negatively affects overall customer satisfaction, EHTSS metrics, and in extreme cases Ford Motor Company's bottom line. The main objective of this case analysis is to identify the constraints that hinder support of the eRoom infrastructure using TOC and when identified, break those constraints to increase throughput in a system that manufactures IT solutions for eRoom related issues. Theory of Constraints for Logical Processes

The Theory of Constraints for logical processes is the general application of TOC reasoning to attack a variety of process problems within an organization. TOC logic is applied to identify what factors are limiting an organization from achieving its goals, developing a solution to the problem, and getting the individuals in the process to invent the required changes for themselves. Before identifying the constraints, we need to answer three fundamental questions ahead of applying TOC. What to Change:

The first question, what to change, is simple. The way EHTSS supports the eRoom infrastructure has to change. This is considered the core conflict. Historically, there have only been two systems administrators assigned to the eRoom infrastructure and they process the vast majority of eRoom GIRS Tickets (see Appendix A, figure 2). As mentioned before, this is without a doubt not enough personnel to support the current or future environment. In the past, only two systems administrators...
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