Justice System Position

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Justice System Position

Ashley Carte


Lydia Sam

July 2, 2013

The criminal justice system is designed to make sure to punish those that have broken the law and make sure to protect society from the delinquent. Many offenders will go to court, receive a jail sentence, do the time sentenced to, and be released. Crime is mostly always followed by punishment. There are many important factors that must be considered and taken into effect. Punishment is a good factor to be set for a crime but the question is the prisoners really even learning from their mistakes? This is why I believe that rehabilitation programs are very important. It is very essential that people learn from their mistakes. They need to take the correct path to ensure that they do not repeat the offense again or any other offenses. Rehabilitation programs will help to make sure this is possible. While you are involved in the rehabilitation programs, you can receive counseling, education, and work experience. These programs can help the offender to improve themselves as well as others. Punishment in my opinion should not be completely abolished. Punishment should still be a consequence for those who show no remorse for their actions and repeat offender.

The Juvenile justice system should mainly focus on rehabilitation programs. Juveniles will follow those who are supposed to be their leaders. Many of the juveniles are shown little attention at home and are having underlying problems that stem from their home environment. Juvenile offenders often act out to receive attention so they will feel like they are accepted. Punishment is necessary but putting them into a correction facility may not be good enough. Rehabilitation programs will make sure to give those juveniles the attention that they are striving for and that they are not receiving elsewhere.

Law enforcement agencies work really hard to ensure the safety of the communities that they are to protect. Gang violence is a big issue across the United States. Juvenile offenders are usually involved in gang activity. Law enforcement will play an active role to fight against gang violence. When a juvenile offender is sentenced to a rehabilitation program and they succeed, then that means there is another offender off the street. There is a new juvenile hall that focuses on rehabilitation rather than punishment in San Mateo County. The old building was set up like a jail setting rather than a rehabilitation center. According to Sfgate.com (2010) the County Supervisor Jerry hill had said that you should believe in rehabilitation as much as you do punishment during a tour of the complex. The old facility was set up like a jail. It was made to punish the offender not to help rehabilitate.”(San Mateo County/Juvenile hall now focus on rehab not punishment, Para.5)I think the new facility will be great for the community.

Rehabilitation programs for juvenile offenders can have an impact on the courts decisions as well. If a juvenile offender shows remorse for their actions and willing to cooperate with the court, they the courts may just order the offender to go in a rehabilitation program instead of a correctional facility. According to the Pierce County, Washington, website (2009), depending on legal circumstances, the court has authority to make juveniles stay in the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration program until the reach the age of 21. During the time of confinement, the juvenile will be placed in a group home or state institution. The Juveniles placement will be determined by the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration and not the court. When the juvenile is released from the group home/institution, parole services will then be provided for a specified amount of time. (Commitment, Para. 11) What this means is that there is less that will have to fall on court proceedings if rehabilitation is ordered, unless the delinquent would neglect to follow the orders....

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