Justice Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Topics: Law, Code of Hammurabi / Pages: 2 (475 words) / Published: Sep 28th, 2008
Justice is in the eye of the beholder

There is a very distinct difference between justice and law. I believe that they have a few similarities but a different part to play in the legal system. Justice is like the ultimate goal that civilization has been aiming towards since the beginning of societies. The law is the tool we use, and have been using for hundreds of years, as our method to find justice. Through the evolution of the law, from Hammurabi and the Babylonian law, our perspectives have changed. But have we really gotten closer to that ultimate “justice”? Or is it something that will always be just a little bit beyond our reach? Law is a code that regulates the behaviour of members of a society. It affects almost everything we do - buying a house, getting a job, making a will or getting divorced, for example. It shapes politics, economics and society. It protects people, property and enforces consequences for those who break the rules (if applicable). Justice, on the other hand is generally understood to mean what is right, fair, moral, deserved. In addition justice is when a victim feels whole again or when an offender is held responsible for his behaviour. Law does not always deliver justice. But justice can differ according to the person’s point of view. Therefore, there is no way that law could accommodate all those people. For example: A man is on trial for the death of his girlfriend; the family believe justice is to kill the man. The law does not believe this as most of the world has eliminated the death penalty. Therefore, justice has not been brought according to the girl’s family. In another scenario, a rich guilty man may be able to afford the best lawyer in the country; however a poor innocent man may not have that advantage. Is this justice? Of course not, but the law still allows it to happen.
The main difference between law and justice is all in the process. Law is the process and Justice is the goal. They both are there to bring

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