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When you look up synonyms for the word justice, or ask someone what they think the word means, they will spew out nouns such as: neutrality, fairness, impartialness, etc. I believe justice in terms of the criminal system is the collaboration of three different entities, police, court, and corrections. That have to work together to form an illusion of one single entity; and in doing this, they have to still maintain a check and balance system amongst themselves. So, no one system should be able to have full authority. For only by this can it strive for the ability to bring about a system that can observe neutrally, judge fairly, and the ability to weigh each investigation and case with a sense of impartiality. The main components of the criminal system are the police, court, and correction unit. They have to interact with one another by a collective means. You have the law enforcement in the forefront; they are the ones that have to enter the “crime scene,” take into consideration all the evidence, collects the evidence, and they have to arrest the suspect. Once they have apprehended the suspect perceived to be the doer of the crime. The suspect at this time is taken to the court; the evidence collected by the police is then presented at the court. Case is made by both prosecution and defense team. You have the unbiased jury and judge that view the case, evidence, and testimony; they deliberate and come back with a sentence. Once the suspect is sentenced, if found guilty, they are sent to a correctional institute. The correctional unit officers have to supervise the convicted felons. They have to ensure that their facility is well situated and capable of holding the convicted felons, so that both the inmates and the public can co-exist in a safe environment. The two models of the criminal justice system are: The crime control model and the due process model. The two models differ from each other through which part of the justice system they put their emphasis...
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