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Topics: French Revolution, United States Declaration of Independence, Reign of Terror Pages: 9 (732 words) Published: January 7, 2014
Name: Chapter 21: The Revolution in Politics
AP Euro ~ Mr. Nielsen

Complete the graphic organizers as you read Chapter 21. DO NOT SIMPLY HUNT FOR THE ANSWERS AS DOING SO WILL LEAVE “HOLES” IN YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE TEXT. Be sure to include details regarding the political, economic, intellectual, and social/cultural themes. Although this graphic organizer only covers some sections in the chapter, you are responsible for reading the entire chapter.

Background to Revolution pgs. 683-689

A. Legal Orders and Social Change

1.Diagram and explain the social orders or estates in France.

2.What was the traditional view of the tensions between the French nobility and the upper middle class?

3.What is the revisionist historian’s view?

4.What are the three developments revisionist historians point to?




B. The Crisis of Political Legitimacy

1.How was absolutist rule in France challenged after the death of Louis XIV in 1715?




2.How did the parlements challenge monarchial power?

3.How did the monarchy attempt to deal with the parlements?

C. The Impact of the American Revolution

1.Explain the consequences of the American Revolution for France.




D. Financial Crisis Order

1. Diagram and describe France’s financial difficulties in the 1770s and 1780s.

2.What prevented the French government from solving their financial crisis?




Revolution in Metropole and Colony, 1789-1791 pgs. 689-694

A. The Formation of the National Assembly

1.Create a timeline to show how the economic depression of the 1780s led to the start of the Revolution. Be sure to include: Assembly of Notables, Estates General, petitions for change, May meeting, creation of the National Assembly; and the Oath of the Tennis Court.

2.What did the abbe Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes argue in his What is the Third Estate?

B.The Revolt of the Poor and the Oppressed

1.Describe the economic hardship of the common people.

2.Describe the causes and events of the Storming of the Bastille.

3.Describe the events of the Great Fear.

4.Explain the response to the peasant uprisings.

C. A Limited Monarchy

1. Explain the main provisions of the Declaration of the Rights of Man issued on August 27, 1789.






2. Describe each of the following.

Impact of the economic crisis and uprisings on the women of Paris.

Events of the October 5th March on Versailles.

Results of the March.

3. Explain the changes in the French government from October 1789 to September 1791.








4. What were the consequences of the changes to the Church in France?

D. Revolutionary Aspirations in Saint-Domingue

1.How did the French Revolution transform France’s overseas colonies?

World War and Republican France, 1791-1799 pgs. 694-703

A.Foreign Reactions and the Beginnings of War

1. Describe the reactions of each of the following to the events of the French Revolution.

Edmund Burke

Mary Wollstonecraft

Monarchs and Nobles of Continental Europe

2.Describe the new Legislative Assembly formed in October 1791.

3.How did the Legislative Assembly respond to the Declaration of Pillnitz?

4.What impact does the attacked on the palace at Tuileries have on the monarchy?

B.The Second Revolution

1. Identify and explain the role of each of the following in the second revolution.

September Massacres

National Convention...
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