Just Your Average Every Day Bank Robery

Topics: Robbery, Bank robbery, Bank Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: September 3, 2013
Morgan Richardson
“Just Your Average, Everyday, Bank Robbery”

“Just run in, deposit the check, and come back.”
“I know mom! I’ve done this a million times!” she looked at me with those eyes that only a mom can do. I hate those eyes! “I know Tommy. I’m just worried.” I felt bad immediately. Ever since my dad left a few months ago, things have been pretty hard. And my attitude probably wasn’t helping. I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. “Nothing’s going to happen, I promise.” It really is too bad I couldn’t be right. I was standing in line, waiting for the teller to call me. Right as she started gesturing towards me, things got a bit hairy. I heard the bell for the door ring, and then I heard guns. About fifteen shots were flying everywhere. I heard the woman next to me scream as her husband fell to the floor. She dropped down beside him and clutched his shirt and bawled as blood stained her hands. I whipped around to try and see where the shots had come from. My breathing became shallow, and my hands started shaking. There was only one person I knew, who would wear a shirt like that. He lowered his gun slightly and said, “Tommy?”

Now I never dreamed that I’d ever end up in a bank robbery. And even if I had, I don’t think I would have pegged myself as the most unpopular person there! Ever since I’d made the mistake of identifying myself as the spawn of a bank robber, everybody else had pretty much steered clear. My dad and his partner (who I pegged as my uncle Jack) had made everybody sit up against the wall, and had us take our shoes off. They hadn’t taken our cell phones though, but then again, my dad was a bit of an idiot. The lady whose husband had died kept whimpering and looking over at his lifeless corpse. I shuddered as I realized that if I ever got out of here, that face would haunt me for years. “Kid, come here.” Uncle Jack Growled. Since I was the only one here under the age of...
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