Just the Beginning

Topics: Military, 18th century, Peninsular War Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Rifeman Dodd

Rifleman Dodd is a remarkable tale of an 18th century war fighter named Matthew Dodd. This book is a story line of this Rifleman’s journey to reunite with his brothers-in-arms, the 95th Foot, Rifle Brigade. Rifleman Dodd shows one man’s commitment to duty, even in the face of dangers such a starvation, sickness, complacency, and the French Army. Matthew Dodd is quite honestly, a true inspiration of any military personnel whether in garrison or in the field. To fully understand the profound story of this British Rifleman, a true grasp of Matthew Dodd should be had. Matthew Dodd, a British Rifleman in the 95th Foot, is full heartedly devoted to his fellow English soldiers and the mission they fought to accomplish. He displayed an unsurpassed level-headed mind for combat as he engages Frenchmen from olive groves to skirmishes with his new Portuguese allies to a final lone sabotage of the French Army’s bridge on the banks of the Zezere. Dodd also demonstrates his humane nature even in the face of all the danger as he aided various Portuguese from guerillas to a mentally handicapped boy all while traveling, unceasingly, to his fellow soldiers. Above all, the courage displayed by Dodd as he pushes through French lines to return to his company as well as engage surrounding French forces should be an example to any service member. The story takes place throughout the Iberian Peninsula just after the turn of the 18th century. The area had been taking place in the Peninsular War for a little over two years at that time. This is determined by the reference to the British military leader Duke Wellington and the references to British forces recovering at Torres Verdas while the French starved and died of disease.
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