Just Lather, That's All

Topics: Short story, Murder, Law of Attraction Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Just lather, that's all is unmistakably one of the most well written short stories from this book. The rules of a short story are definitely followed with precise knowledge. Within it many elements are found such as irony, suspense, heroism, and morality. All used in skillful ways. The authors talent is noticed right off the bat and like other great stories, after reading one is set to question themselves and what they would do in a situation like that.

The first sign of a great story is the use of irony. In this one particularly it is used more than once. First the irony comes from the rejuvenation of the captain when the barbers intentions were actually quite the opposite. He did not want to rejuvenate him at all but to end him completely. The second sign of irony is when the captain leaves unharmed telling the barber that everyone had said he would of killed him but that murder was a difficult task. The captain had known all along about the barbers murdering thoughts. This is such great irony because the barbers secret was no secret at all and it was the captain actually that had the secret. The secret of knowing the barbers secret and then testing the man himself. This perfectly brings us to another element used in this story.

The theme of morality, which also ties in with heroism. The barbers morals are set into play as soon as the captain walks through the door. There are good and bad morals within both situations. Killing a man is bad morals but the reason for it might not be. As well as letting him go is good morals but against his own beliefs. This was the highest test of morality for the barber and in the end he is filled with mostly good morals. But would he of been a hero if he'd killed him? In a way yes, the revolutionaries would win but only for a matter of time. The government would get another captain soon after and the barber would be executed before even the search. Maybe he is, for not going through with it a strong, respectful man, a...
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