Just in Time Philosophy

Topics: Manufacturing, Production and manufacturing, Inventory Pages: 4 (1151 words) Published: May 5, 2012

A philosophy for maintaining a competitive advantage based on the concept of continuous improvement and elimination of waste.

Just-in-time is a management philosophy that originated and was applied in manufacturing organizations in Japan since the early 1970’s. In its early stages, JIT was utilized as a means to meet customer demand and minimize delays. The emphasis of JIT referred to a process where the production of goods met customer needs for quality and quantity. The Japanese plants and processes were arranged for maximum output and improved efficiencies. Today JIT has new insight and means by striving to produce with the minimum amount of waste. Waste is referred as time, materials, and resources. JIT’s elements are as follows: * Continuous improvement. * Identifying and attacking fundamental problems that do not add value to a given product. * Standard parts and fewer bills of material levels. * Developing systems to allow for identification of problems. * Easier systems, some paperless, that could be more comprehensive, easily managed with minimum amount of errors. * A process that allows product to be produced in less time by limiting movement of materials and parts. * Keeping the labor force accountable for quality and output. * Methods that are “foolproof” and prevent errors. * Preventative maintenance that assures machinery and equipment are functional when they are required to be. * Suppliers typically locate facilities closer to their customers. * Waste Elimination. Types of waste are as follows: * Waste generated from overproduction. * Waste from poor time management. * Transportation waste. * Processing waste. * Wasted materials (inventory). * Waste of motion from too many steps (inefficiency). * Waste generated from product defects. * Clean and organized workplace. * Reduction of time spent to setup. This increases the amount of flexibility when producing and...
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