Just in Case

Topics: Harry Potter, Young-adult fiction, 2005 albums Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: April 2, 2013
English 12
26 March 2013

Just in Case
Meg Rosoff
Young Adult Novel
246 Pages
Prediction with Explanation
A. Judging by the front of the book, I feel as though this book may be about the life of this teenage boy on the cover of the book, but as I look towards the back of the book and read the reviews, I think that maybe it’s going to be a little deeper than just the boy’s life description. Maybe it will be about how a boy takes a journey somewhere. I think these things because of the content and reviews written on the back. B. After reading the book, I think if there would be another chapter added to it, it would more than likely cover how Justin and Agnes overcame the situations that occurred, and how they wound up together In the end, because in the last chapter that was given, it briefly gave a description telling us that Justin and Agnes was together in the end. Critical Thinking Responses

1. I really like the idea of how Justin changed his identity in order to hide, or fool fate. For instance, after the incident with saving his baby brother from attempting to “fly” out his window, he decides that it was just fate that he happened to have proper timing, and such, so later he makes the decision to change his name, and then obsesses over keeping as far away from fate as possible. 2. Agnes reminds me of my friend Colin because he’s kind of strange like her; he has some of the same interests: Fashion, photography, being unique. 3. Every time I picture Agnes, I visualize her being like artwork. The book describes her as oddly dressed, artistic, bubbly, ECT, so, the more I read about her, I saw her as a framed portrait of strange shapes somehow pieced together upon a white wall in a French gallery. 4. The setting of this book is important because it adds important details later on as the story progresses: A small town in England, or United Kingdom, Pre-Winter time. This is important for visual reasons, and explanations as...
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