Junk Food No More

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Junk food Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Do you know how much you are damaging your health when you eat junk food? While the occasional junk food meal won't ruin your health, consistently eating junk food contributes to serious health problems. It is very important to know the consequences of the style of life that we hold, which is sedentary, of eating junk food. Dangerous diseases and high cholesterol can also be caused by junk food.

A main complication in eating junk food is that you can have problems with high cholesterol. High cholesterol will cause vessel blockage. This could make some parts of your body to experience a lack of oxygen. It can also cause pain in parts of your body such as the legs and arms. In a more serious case the high cholesterol can attack inner parts of your body. One severe case will cause heart failure which means that your heart will not function normally. Another serious case is nerve blockage which can prevent blood to flow in your nerves which can cause the nerves to not respond to the brain`s command immediately or properly. The case will be more thorough when the blockage happens in your brain which can delete your memory and destroy your body balancing system. See how dangerous high cholesterol can be on your body?

When fast foods are consumed in large amounts and very often it can lead to very deadly diseases. Four main diseases are: Alzheimer, heart sicknesses,diabetes and obesity. If you consume a variety of sugar you can become diabetic. Diabetes does not let the body have enough insulin to break down the glucose in your body. Another dilemma is that in the present, especially the kids, eat too much junk food and do not exercise, so the amount of fat in their bodies accumulate and obesity is presented.

The third and most threatening disorder is Alzheimer’s disease. The first symptoms usually include short-term memory loss, temporary episodes of spatial disorientation and problems while speaking. In the middle stage, which typically begins two to...
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