junk food

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Why do people eat junk food

In the past, people used to ate home-cooking. Because home food is delicious, health and could be communicate between family. But, nowadays, people love fast food that quick and tasty. Moreover, that’s not enough good for our healthy. This change has had many effects. There are three reasons that make people change their habit it is lifestyle, money, and modern life. First, people who work, have very workload schedule they are always very busy in their work. They are working hard and as usual get very good money .Such people have not much time to eat at home. So they just go to the café or restaurant and eat food which is already cooked or can be cooked as quick as possible. But most of them don’t think that they can eat not good and healthy food. Hard working people must remember that money can buy everything but not health. Another situation is when people do not have enough money to eat good and healthy food. Such people most often are students or someone who is looking for a job, or poor people. Students always don’t have enough money to eat at home or good restaurant so they go to McDonald’s for example and eat there. Fast food is not expensive and you can buy it almost everywhere. If you want to eat you don`t have to pay a lot of money for it. It is great way out of a situation when you don’t have money. Eating of junk food can be also a way of modernlife. There are a lot of people in the world who think that eating fast food is harmless and a great way to save money. Some of them find such food very tasty and good cooked. Junk food does have some of the good things that the body needs for good health. And the body needs some salt, fat and sugar for energy to burn while we work and play. But too much fat, sugar and salt is bad for our health and eating lots of junk food will overload your body with these things.  In my opinion, Fast food is quick and tasty, but has effects. That effects are less-communication, unhealthy,...
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