Jungle Trekking

Topics: Camping, Campsite, Campfire Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Jungle Trekking丛林徒步旅行

After the UEC examination, we [had had enough of / were tired of / were sick of 厌倦] studying and books, [so / therefore / thus 所以] we decided to [go camping / go for a camping trip]. It [should be / was supposed to be 应该是] [an enjoyable / a pleasant 愉快] two-day camping trip. [However / Yet / Nevertheless], never did we [expect 预料/ imagine 想象] that, it [had become / turned out to be 演变成] a nightmarish [incident / affair].

We equipped ourselves with the necessary camping [gear 工具] and [enough / sufficient 足够] food which could [last 维持] us for two days. Then, we [rode / got onto 骑上] motorcycles and [made a beeline for 直奔] the destination. When we reached there, we parked our [motorcycles / motorbikes] under a big shady tree. After that, we [began / started] to climb Mount Ophir. [On the ascent 在上山的时候], the [steep mountain 陡峭的山坡] [made us exhausted / (sapped /drained 使消耗、流失)us of our energy]. [Before the sunset / Before dusk 黄昏前], we reached a [picturesque 风景如画的] waterfall and decided to camp there for the night.

When night fell, we sat around a [campfire / bonfire 萤火] and [killed the time / whiled away our time 消耗时间] by telling jokes and [horror stories / ghost stories / scary stories 鬼故事]. Tom, who was a [live-wire 精力充沛的人] among us, made us [in stitches with 捧腹大笑] his jokes [and / as well as(仅接短的名词) 和] [silly antics 动作(仅用于无聊的动作)]. [As / Since 因为] it was a cold night, we [snuggled (up to / close to) 挨近] each other and [(fell / slipped) into slumber land 进入梦乡] soon. The next morning, we [went in the deeper part of the forest / went deeper into the jungle] after we had had our breakfast. We [climbed up / made our way up 爬上] some steep terrain [carefully 小心翼翼/ gingerly 小心翼翼为了不被伤害].

After 2 hours, we decided to return to the [campsite 营地] for some food. To our [shock 震惊/ panic 恐慌/ horror 恐惧], we [found / realized 发现] that we could not find the way back. We [frantically / frenziedly 疯狂] tried to [retracing 重新搜索、追溯] our steps, but [ended...
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