jumping the broom

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Jumping the broom


Jumping the broom has become one of the most popular African traditions at weddings-traditional and African-centered. One of the greatest joys that two people can share occurs when they get married. When someone finds that mister perfect or that special woman it’s time to acknowledge and make a commitment. African tradition teaches us that this tradition is vital and sacred in order to build a life and solid foundation for the future. This is the reason one should draw on those beliefs, memories, rituals, and traditions that make you and your fiancé uniquely who you are. Research your cultural and families this will provide the road map to design your wedding from your family heritages. The African traditions are sacred, do we practice these traditions as we should. Weddings and marriages have become a thing of the past. Our ancestral beliefs have changed along with the modern generation. For the ones whom still believe love exist, it’s in the heart, mind and soul. Many of us would love to jump the broom, our ancestors believed crossing sticks was one way a Black couple at the turn of the century chose to show how much they loved one another. This tradition symbolizes strengths and blessing of a new beginning of life together. The Roots of this tradition comes from an African Tribal marriage back in the 1600’s from Africa when the sanction of marriage was illegal and the slaves decide that jumping the broom would make this a bonded and legal sanction. The broom has so much significance couples may choose to put handcrafted objects on the broom as a symbol of their wedding day. The significance of the ritual stands for Worship, and respect, both families coming together, and let’s not forget the strength, loyalty, respect and togetherness of a marriage. In the African families, as far as women are concerned life isn’t so rosy. In the African culture women are governed by their...

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