Topics: Debut albums, Musical notation, Sound Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Principles of Design Project; Trading Cards
Theme: Music
1 - Radial Balance
Radial Balance is where all elements in an artwork radiate out from a center point in a circular fashion. I incorporated radial balance into my card's design by placing a paper flower on the page, with a music note in the center. The music note is the center point and the petals are the elements that radiate in a circular fashion. This card fit into my theme of music because I used a music note as the center point. 2 - Movement

Movement in design comes from the kinds of shapes, forms, lines, and curves that are used to give the illusion of movement or motion by directing the eye of the viewer from one part of the design or picture to other. I demonstrated movement in my card because I placed a banner of piano keys in a curved line across the top of my card, directing the eye of the viewer across my card. This fit my theme of music because I incorporated piano keys into the design of the card as well as adding a quote about music. 3 - Asymmetrical Balance

Asymmetrical Balance is when one side of the artwork maintains more weight than the other side. I incorporated Asymmetrical Balance into the card's design by having one half of the card very visually heavy, with strip of cardstock, a black scroll pattern and a quote, whereas the other side simply had a single black ribbon on it. This card fit into my theme of music because the quote was about music.

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