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Topics: Bashar al-Assad, Political corruption, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: October 30, 2014
1 April 20
Power Corrupts Leaders
In every group, team, or organization, a leader is present. There is always someone that makes decisions and is looked at by others for guidance. In stories as ancient as The Tragedy of Julius Caesar there is one defined leader with complete power. However, with every great leader comes great flaws. Power corrupts leaders. The more power a leader receives, the easier it becomes for poor decisions to be made.

People have proven over and over that society will do anything to achieve power and maintain it. Senator Malcom Smith was recently arrested and accused of a bribery scheme. This scheme was all for the Senator to gain more political support in New York City. This is a great example of a leader becoming greedy for more support and power. Dan Holloran, a man accused in accompanying Smith in the bribery, says “It’s all about how much… That’s our politicans in New York. They’re all like that” (Di Giovanni). If this quote is true and money can buy us into something as important as politics, then who knows how many people would misuse this power. If one Senator was willing to risk going to jail all for a position, what would others do? What would they be willing to do next if they achieved the position?

Although we have leaders corrupted by power in the United States, we also have these issues around the world. Syria is one of the top world issue at the moment. They are also an extreme example of power corrupting a leader. For several months now Syria has had mulpitple fights between President Bashar al-Assad and his people. “This has cost the lives of at least 10,000 people” (Precious). Many disagree with the President and in return he has attacked them. He has now been accused of using chemical weapons against them. This is an unacceptable example of a leader using his power in a terrible way. One Syrian woman stated “The opposition wants to kill us—they even announced it on Facebook” (Precious). Imagine waking up one day...
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