Julius Caesar Was an Inneffective Leader

Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Roman calendar Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Julius Caesar is a prime example of an in effective leader. Caesar always seemed to have good intentions and definenetly loved Rome, but his egotistical side and his ambition scared many. Caesar was loved by most lower class romans; that said all roman leaders were adored by this class. It was the better educated more insightful elders of Rome that saw right through Caesars ambitious plans. These elders, including cassius and Brutus were freighted that Caesar was too self-centered to lead Rome. They feared Caesar would gain so much power he would look down upon his fellow romans. Caesar also very clearly in multiple contexts believed that he was invincible. He completely ignored the warning to the ides of march and simply replied “danger knows full well that Caesar is more dangerous.” This shows ceasar was very much ignorant to the fact that he was mortal and didn’t have god like characteristics.

Brutus is the complete opposite of Julius Caesar. He is too worried about what the common people of Rome will think of him. His honor is his strongest trait but also turns out to weaken him in the end. Brutus was arguably the most trustworthy and honorable man alive in Rome at this time. He always made his decisions on which would please the more people, not always on what was right. He trusted people way too much and they did not provide the same level of trust back to him. “not that I love Caesar less, but that I love Rome more.” This quote shows that brutus wanted to please the people of rome more than anything. In the end brutus’ honor kills him.
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