Julius Caesar: Compare and Contrast Essay

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Julius Caesar Compare/Contrast Essay

Julius Caesar is an ancient leader who is known worldwide for his famous last words “Et tu Brute?” as his closest friends were brutally murdering him. Barack Obama is the current United States President who has been in office for two consecutive terms, or eight years. Both leaders will be remembered forever, Caesar because of his murder and Obama because he is the first African American President to lead the United States. Although United States President Barack Obama is a leader centuries after the rise and fall of Julius Caesar their traits while in power that they exhibited are polar opposites. Whether it be the way that the leaders treat and respect their wives, the life they lived, or the way that they led their countries, they were opposite in almost every way possible. To begin, Julius Caesar was married to a weak-willed woman named Calpurnia. Calpurnia was a whiny woman who tried to keep Caesar from what he wanted to do and his civil duties as ruler of Rome. Calpurnia had nightmares of Caesar dying and his blood being put on display in the streets, dreams that she scared herself into believing, although becoming true. When Caesar refused to listen to her pleads of staying inside their house, she got on her knees and cried to him begging him to please stay home. This Caesar thought was highly ridiculous and he went anyways, against her wishes. Despite the lack of listening that Caesar had shown towards his wife, Obama looks to his wife as if she were his right-hand-man. Barack Obama is married to a strong-willed woman named Michelle. Michelle is a woman who had dreams and once her husband was elected into office, she made those dreams come true, having her husbands’ back in the decisions that he made for his country. Michelle wrote her own stump speeches for her husband's presidential campaign and generally spoke without notes showing her involvement in the support of her husbands’ job. Michelle...
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